Posted by: pexxy | April 12, 2009

Banila Co Dear Flower New Release

Seems like everyone and their dog in Korea is into the pastel shades thing. Especially for nail polish! Like VOV’s Showcase collection and Etude House’s VIP’s bright, loud pastel shades.
And now, banila co too. Seems like a spring thing. Loads and loads of green. The eyeshadow palette is boring to me.

But the new MINERAL SURPRISE pact looks pretty good! Seems like a rip off of the MAC mineralized skin finishes.
They also have this new baby skin thing.

I’m on a makeup BAN so I’m just admiring the new images. Anyway the colours don’t appeal to me.

Posted by: pexxy | April 8, 2009

Shills, Taiwan

So, I have been quite addicted to browsing the Shills cosmetic site lately.
They don’t only have base makeup, though. (Like BBCreams, Primers, foundations etc etc.) They have another line, called Dot.Dot, which rips off benefit blushers 😀
Haha, the whole thing is rather funny. Their base makeup packaging is soooo Benefit, and sometimes Kiehls.
Their Miss Perfect Pore hide is so similar to Dr Feelgood!

I bought the Close to you,
and the electric eye concealer which looks pretty good. The whole of the shills line looks good, except for the fact that most of their before and after pictures are SO TERRIBLY photoshopped!
Korean beauty pictures definitely come across as more genuine than this, man.
Also got their Foam Esthe Pack; which is similar to Lioele’s oxygen mask I think. It’s just a gel spread over the face that froths after a while, supposedly pushing out the impurities trapped in the skin. So fun!

Lastly I bought the Hyarulonic acid L Absorbic mask, which is to be shaken until it turns from a liquid to a solid jelly form.

OK, I admit, their products are SO GIMMICKY! But with everything for SGD 10 and under (not including shipping from taiwan) it really doesn’t hurt to try. And its highly raved in taiwan too 🙂

Reviews might come when I get the products (I’ll be free after this school term ends!)

Posted by: pexxy | April 1, 2009

Just because – VOV showcase

Because I have been wonderfully, enormously busy can can no longer afford to keep up 3 blogs at once, YES, I do have three blogs and a shit load on my plate, including university…
I doubt I will be posting anymore reviews, pictures

But I may still feature stuff I love and drudged up from Korean Blogs! : VOV Showcase featuring Nam Gyuri (of seeya), really looks girl and circusy… LEMMINGS : Same, just more swatches.

The star of the collection is definitely the Ball on Cheek, and it’s for a mere 8100W(depending on seller) which is like USD6! Like HALF of Etude House when it jumped on the Meteorites Pearls Bandwagon. 😀 Oh happiness…you shall be mine.

The eyeshadow looks wonderfully pigmented, there is also a bunch of lip-sticks, literally sticks of crayony things, and the Eye-Pot Stick which looks rather efficient (to smudge creases with the black and brighten with the pink).

That’s it for today! I realize I prefer streams of consciousness than to adding pictures, taking them, editing them…Sorry, but life is just too demanding for me.


Posted by: pexxy | December 18, 2008

Soap and Glory

And other UK stuff.

I’m in the UK now. Its cold, but that’s not the only thing I can say about it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOTS. The drugstore. Its not easy living in Singapore with stinking promotions that are always at 20%. Well, having a hell lotta 3 for 2 promotions makes shopping an absolute delight.

Which takes me to this post! Other than buying the delicious gift bags (also on, I got supereyes, supereyes, and the fabulous scrub.

I bought the Soap and Glory Clean of England Baby.

Not too good a deal because each product is near 10 quid each, so that means the bag is free…but bags are almost always free haaha. But the bag is rather gorgeous (though too minute for me).
Haven’t tried the clean of england, but that’s fantabulously witty. Even more quirks are on the bottle (Like “This product was tested in the UK by a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels”). LOVE the wit in S&G.
The Lemon, Flowers & Orange big butter is really chock full of good stuff. You can feel the awesomeness soak right into the skin. The two main ingredients are sweet lemon oil and cocoa butter, but the rest of the ingredients are premium grade. Love this stuff, and I didn’t have to spend an arm and leg to moisturize one (their motto! so witty). Love the fragrance as well. Very fresh, like a field of flowers. (Cue scene from movie)

Hmm, another good gift bag is probably the grab bag. Looks cute, like a mini luggage, and has WAY more items than the Clean of England. All mini sized though, but a good way to try out new items.
The greatest scrub is really pretty great. It has minute, terribly minute particles, but I really feel the smoooooottthhhh skin after cleaning my face. Seems rather mild, because of the little nano particles, but you can really feel the scrubitty scrub of satisfaction! This is love.

Supereye, supereyes isn’t that great. What a disappointment. The second ingredient is alcohol and I feel so DUMB for not looking at the ingredient list before buying it. Too much faith in S&G. 😦 Alcohol! On the delicate eye area! That’s just looking for dryness and death all in one. Not a good thing.
Disappointment, S&G.

But the rest of the products are funness and awesomeness so do give S&G a try!

Posted by: pexxy | November 27, 2008


Haven’t posted in a while. I have a bunch of things to review; including peripara’s the wonder lips by wondergirls, some Bourjois ~

Too bad I’m studying my arse off for my university exams. Lets just say its a torture and I hardly even go online.

Posted by: pexxy | November 20, 2008

Etude House Baby Skin Foundation

For me, a good base is exceedingly important. I can go out of the house with no eyeshadow/gloss/blush/eyebrow powder, but I need to give the illusion of smooth skin.
(I really hate my pores! 😦 )
So anyway, Etude House baby Skin Foundation is terribly cheap. 6000W to be exact, that’s about 3-4USD at the current exchange rate. (To top it off, they gave me a blackhead wash with this haul) And it smells like soft, happyness. I mean, it smells like baby powder.
I got it in Colour 1, and it’s yellow toned and goes very well on my asian skin. Doesn’t exactly hide all my pores, but it provides medium coverage and really eliminates any redness or uneven skin tone!
It also feels very light on the skin. Like naked skin. I hate it when foundations are too heavy, and liquids are almost always such.
My face is more of the oily type, but it lasted for a good 4 hours without the need to blot. Also helped that I was in an air conditioned room, I guess.

My utmost approval for this! Loves to Etude House!

Posted by: pexxy | November 19, 2008

Etude House Haul + Fragrances

Etude house Haul with my gmarket purchase that came yesterday. I bought, cotton puffs, two nail art pens, one nail polish, trouble eraser ac spot, baby skin foundation and two perfumes. Some were for my friends.

They gave me a sweetheart body lotion sample set, moistful sample set, blackhead wash, and a fluffy pen as freebies. Part of the reason why I love Etude House is that their super generous with freebies!

Today I will look at two of the fragrances Etude House has. They launched a new one, as I talked about in my post yesterday.

Blanc Blanc
Well Firstly, my nose isn’t a guru. I can’t tell many scents, but this has a spicy sweet scent. I must say, I absolutely love the bottle. It is quite small though, 30ml, palm sized.

I love this fragrance. Like I said, I’m not good at scents. I can’t tell which flower/fruit/whatever it is from, unless it is terribly dominant. Princess is warm, sweet and happy, and truth be told, I am addicted to sniffing at it.

Posted by: pexxy | November 18, 2008

Etude House New Perfume Daring

daring_ssWell, seems like Etude House launched a new perfume (it’s new in gmarket) called daring. They changed the perfume guy, lol, from Sonia Constant to this guy. I have princess and blanc blanc in this form, wish they would change the bottle style.

I love Princess alot, will blog about it next time! Can’t wait to buy this one. :3

Also had an Etude House Haul, but haven’t cut down the picture sizes (their huge), so give me some time. 😉

Posted by: pexxy | November 10, 2008

Etude House BB Magic Balm and Pore Erasing Peach Base

The announcement of a new holy grail OMFG.
It’s Etude House’s BB Magic Balm. I can only find good things to say about it.
1. The coverage is glorious. I don’t even need a base, and all my pores (humongous ones, mind you) vanish. I do need a powder to set this balm. Most red spots disappear. Some dark spots do remain, but are much milder.
2. It’s a balm but it isn’t even as thick as some BB creams I have used. Amazingly easy to apply and spread. They provided a brush, but I use my fingers to apply it. Fingermarks are gone when I use loose powder on top.
3. The colour is a light yellow beige that matches perfectly with my skin tone.
4. It’s 15000 won. That is, around 16 SGD. Affordable.
5. My skin is poreless even after a full day of school!
6. SPF 30! I don’t even need to apply sunscreen now. 😛 (I still do…)
Seriously, ditch the BB cream. Get this. It’s your true one step base routine in the morning. Granted, oil control isn’t amazing, by my nose is one oil rig.

The Pore Erasing Peach Base isn’t as great as the BB balm, but still nice nonetheless. It doesn’t erase my pores, lol. Only slightly evens them out. That in itself is evidence of how brilliant the BB balm is, that it wins the pore erasin’ smackdown when versus a specialty base!
The smell is…addictive. Peachy sweet.
It’s a good base that evens out skin texture, but won’t work on red spots and such. Maybe that’s because I’m using the peach tone one. Green bases should work better on red veins and stuff. And it’s affordable for such a large tub.

Posted by: pexxy | October 24, 2008

Itchy fingers and benefit primpcess!

Oh glorious, glorious palettes.
I just love em.
There’s the chance that I will finish the MU before it grows mold, and I love that I get so many items for the price of one… or two.

Like Benefit Primpcess.

Kit contains:
boi-ing 02 concealer
creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p.
3 powder shadows: for contouring, accenting & lining
BADgal mini mascara
eye bright instant eye brightener
brushes galore & a beauty lesson.

The mini cream shadow pot is just too cute! My fingers are itching to get it shipped over immediately.

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