Posted by: pexxy | February 26, 2010

Super crazy gmarket beauty haul

After abstaining from gmarket for a while, I had a list of things to get that popped up. I needed a new face serum, a pair of boots, some moisturizers. So of course I went to gmarket to look for good bargains. I decided to get quite some BRTC stuff because I know they have good reviews and they are one of the more “expensive” brands in Korea.

So, the BRTC stuff :
Bought from ONE seller, I got a serum and a promotion pack (moisturizer, toner, wash).

This one was bought from another seller, who was offering one for one. Obviously, you don’t see any one for one, so I was disappointed, but they gave a few freebies. I bought the Aqua Rush and Caviar Cream, and another serum. Freebies were the Medi Stem Collagen Line set (3 of them) and 6 face masks. The freebies aren’t THAT bad, but I really expected the 1 for 1.

Gel looks pretty huh? 😛

Stuff from tonymoly11 : I decided to try out the tomato and apple masks, the sakura face wash and the sleeping pack. I got some face masks as freebies and a lip tint. This is my first time trying tonymoly, and I must say, I LOVE the sakura face wash. It’s like burying my face in a pile of sakuras. While the bodyshop sakura line doesn’t have the real scent of sakuras, this one really does.

Of course I had to haul from my absolute favourite, etude house! They had a valentine’s day promotion going on, where I bought a liner, mascara and shadow and got a whole bunch of stuff free. I essentially only bought the perfume (minime) and 3 eye products. Everything else was GWPs. I may do a mini review on the Code B mascara and the proof 10 auto pencil.

Bestseller 5 set : Petit Bijou wash, cream, a mini BB cream (too cute!) a mini VIP lipstick in VVIP, and a collagen face cream. The bestseller GWP is still on, so hurry up and buy it!Inside the box : my three products, collagen toner+moisturizer, VIP girl promo set.
VIP promo set is the Lipstick in VVIP, peach syrup gloss and a lip primer.

Oooo The perfume I bought is too cute. The face is 3D by the way. The smell is of vanilla and coconuts, and it’s 100ml. Really worth it for a scent that is very long lasting. It’s reminiscent of Harajuku Lovers… and makes me wanna get the full series.

Miscalleanous stuff :
I also bought a bunch of Misc stuff… my life isn’t about face care. LOL!
Boots with leg warmer type things. Recently sprained my ankle so I can’t use high heels for a while, so I got this. I love them, super comfy!
LOL 2AM and Gift by Park Hyo Shin.

Side note : Did you guys watch Vancouver Olympics? Kim Yuna got gold, as expected! Awesome. They actually sell her makeup on gmarket : , I bet LG cosmetics must be getting a whole lot of demand now. I watched her and she’s elfen almost, really graceful.



  1. Those masks are so great! I love the packaging, thanks for sharing.

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