Posted by: pexxy | October 18, 2009

Gmarket Screw Up

Note to all finding this page through google :

This issue has been resolved. Gmarket has refunded me within 14 days and yours should be refunded too. Please stop asking me what should you do, you should consult your bank and not me. Thanks.

Yo Folks.

I was ordering at Gmarket as usual, and guess what!? After I entered my debit card details and pressed the ENTER button, I was directed to a page which said one of the items was out of stock, do I want to go back to cart?
(Seriously, what are the chances that my item goes OOS just when I click ORDER.)

Alright, so I suck it up and reenter all my details again. And my debit card was refused. Simple, because I have. no. more. money left. So off I went to check out my ibanking details, and over 300 bucks was in LIMBO! Gmarket had already deducted the money! Soooo, I got damn freaked out and checked my gaccount details. Order – NONE TODAY. Cancel/Refunds – None.

OMG. PANIC. And not to mention, its 1.30 AM here and not a Gmarket Employees awake time. Anyway I am pretty freaked now. Will update you guys on the customer service, and what happens! If, they just don’t refund me, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. 300+ dollars for items for my friends, I’m gonna have to refund everyone of them (because I’m never gonna order from gmkt again if it is so unethical) and I’m gonna have ta suck it up. Or call my bank and make them take the money back. Oh my gawd, fucked.

Update : They refunded me and everything was fine… I emailed them to ask about it and it was just a systematic error or something.


  1. HI! OMG! This happened to me on the same day! I have 400 bucks deducted from my account and when i called my bank they said the transaction went through. However when i emailed gmarket, they said that the transaction was not approved successfully. how!!!

    • Maybe there was a mass error! > : ( I did email gmarket, they said that I should be getting a ‘refund’ sine the transaction was cancelled. Give it a few days to see if the money returns šŸ˜„ But it is very distressing!

  2. Ya, they told me tt i should be “refunded” back the amount in a few days. but with no specific date, ive been on tenderhooks since sunday.At first i didnt know what happened until i checked my balance… kept trying to pay and pay until i got a fraud warning. oops o_o. do update if your money has been returned ya?/:

    • Oh haha, I tried twice and went to check my bank account. Yup, I will update T_T

  3. so many days have passed but I still havent got my money back. boo.

    • Yup! Mine is still in limbo, I called my bank and they said give it 7 days, which is unbearably long…

  4. Hey, just to update u… i tried paying again. And i think the same thing just happened. Looks like transaction on gmarket is really screwed up.

    • Wow again? Is it because an item went out of stock again?

  5. They gave me some error code and then brought me to my shopping cart. And then when i tried paying again, the 005 [card refused] thing came out. and when i checked my balance, yup, its another 300 GONE.

  6. Hi, have you been refunded? Something similar just happened to me. Visa said the transaction was accepted(on the webpage) and when I clicked next, the webpage closed and I was back at the first page. It says no transactions made today. Argh, my first time ordering so I’m kinda worried.

    • Yes, I got refunded. Took real long though, around a week.

  7. this also happened to me, and the thing is i didnt know that there was transaction, and i did the payment 3 times!!!
    And btw, how long did the gmarket take to reply u?

    • Yea, call your bank to affirm that you will be refunded. Make sure the transaction didn’t get through. Gmarket’s reply isn’t very helpful, so just call your bank.

  8. Oh gawd, same thing happened to me too, I paid around 150 bucks, and there was this-7 code error and no order made. When I check my bank acc, poof* the money’s gone… OMG… “good” friday for me…. šŸ˜¦

    • Haha it should be fine in a week. It’s obviously a gmarket error so they will refund you, don’t worry about it too much. Sorry for the late reply, I hope you have gotten your money back now.

  9. hi there, did you receive an email reply from gmarket which says something like the following?

    “As we checked the transaction record, your payment wasn’t approved successfully.

    If you contact to representative of the credit card company , they might
    answer it has been approved successfully but obviously not.

    It’s because the representative can check the transaction status only.

    To make a payment successfully, transaction must be approved by both credit
    card company and Gmarket.

    But since you paid via credit card in your country, the request hasn’t been
    sent to Korea successfully.

    It’s not because gmarket has some problem but because the payment does go
    though from 2 different countries.

    So sometimes transaction doesn’t go though properly.

    And the captured status will be turned as Refund soon.

    The Captured status will be turned as refund soon in your country.(a week
    ~ a month as far as we know)

    We ask for your understanding.”

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  11. I got this error and panicked and googled it and your blog came up. I just emailed Gmarket telling them about the error and when I’ll get a refund.
    Is there anything else I need to do?
    What should I ask my bank if I call them up?

  12. phew! got back my money! šŸ™‚ will continue to shop at gmarket again! šŸ™‚

    • that’s good to hear!! did you try to pay just once, or multiple?
      i hope my money will be returned soon coz i’ve been shopping at gmarket for ages!!
      what’s up with this errors anyway, it’s the first time i’ve gotten them.

  13. Hmm, it seemed like some javascript error causing multiple payment.. not too sure about what’s wrong… but I did call up the bank and they said it normally takes at least 12 working days for the money to be credited back to your account. hope you’ll get urs soon:)

    • Thanks! I feel reassured now! ^^ I guess next time I better use IE.

    • šŸ™‚ Yup the same thing happened to me. Use IE and not other browsers then?

      • Yup, when I emailed Gmarket, they advised me to use IE because Gmarket is optimized in IE. The thing is I’ve been using Firefox to order from Gmarket like 10 times without any problems!

        I’m disappointed that this problem has persisted since October! I’m a bit scared to order again :/

        My error was a local delivery item somehow landed in the overseas shipping basket. WHat’s up with that. So I deleted that item, then another error called Discount code error. LOL??

  14. Hey guys… i got the same problem today i bought 45$ dvd and i was BUYING the dvd and at the last stage they said REFUSED…. then i checked my account my money was gone then i emailed the owner of the dvd on gmarket she/he said didn’t get the money… so should i wait 2,3 days or should i write an email to gmarket? thnks guys!!!

  15. forgot something… do you think for the next time i try to buy through paypal? is there any difference?

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