Posted by: pexxy | September 12, 2009

Small Purchase from Gmarket – Etude House

As I mentioned in my last post, I made a small purchase of the latest Etude House Collagen Series (Its the absolute latest), and also the Peach Choux, and the white bag from Gmarket. Oh gosh, etude house is SUCH AN ADDICTION.

As seen here!

DSCN0841The collagen moistfull pact is a foundation – creme that comes with an extra sponge, and a small sample of collagen moistfull moisturizer.

It’s quite a thick and heavy case, with a creme inside another “pact”, which can be sealed with the cover. Otherwise, it would dry out. The sponge rests on top of the top lid. The mirror in the pact is rather huge and clear. I like! Haven’t started using this, so I can’t exactly review on it now.Β 


The cover of the pact – with flash, shows the opalescene of the little shell shape. It has a different colour at every angle!
The CF for the new Etude House release. Lee Min Ho looks amusing with his hair like that.

DSCN0841I got two of these blushes, one for a friend. It’s like NARS Orgasm, a peach blush with gold shimmers. It isnt very pigmented though…

One Special Kit and one Trial Kit of the Collagen Moistfull was given.
Special Kit – Facial Freshener (I’m guessing its the toner) 15ml, Emulsion (Moisturizer) 15ml, Cream (Hydration and lift) – 5ml.
Trial kit – Freshener and Emulsion, both 5ml. Cream, 1ml.

And my white bag with gold hardware! It isn’t soft as I thought it would be, but what do you expect of 10 dollars? I love the gold hardware, it goes well with the white faux leather, but I’m afraid the colour will wear out soon.


  1. Hi,, how do you make purchase from G market , u made your hauls from the korea siteright? coz all in korean,,,dun understand. do give me a reply .thanks.

    • hey, you don’t need to know korean to use gmarket. there is an english version actually. ^^

  2. manage to find the english version. but cant find the etudehouse…possible to send me the link??


    • just search etudegmark πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, which colour blush is that? Is that the MOdel Face Colour? I saw it on a website – is it #5? thanks

    • Yup, Model Face Colour, #5.

  4. thanks much!

  5. Hey, how much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

    • It all depends. Are you asking how much my order costed? Shipping usually takes 2 weeks, but the price depends on what you buy so you can try adding items to cart and it will give you an estimate.

  6. Hi,
    How much they charge you for postage this time? I would like to know in order to estimate for my purchase. the amount they show at the cart not accurate right? For example: the product cant possibly be 0.5 kg as stated right. So they will charge me more for the first time payment.

  7. Hi,

    Do u organise ur own sprees from Gmarket?
    If u do please let me know cos I’ve always wanted to join the sprees but the items caps are reached as soon as the spree is open. 😦 I’ve never managed to get join in time.

    • if you want, I can contact you before I buy and you can order with me, but i don’t organize sprees.

  8. hi, im wondering how you ordered your items from gmarket?
    I want to purchase some items there from different sellers.
    But how do i purchase it? Do i cantact each seller separately or do i just put everything into my shopping cart and make payment and the items will arrive?

    please do help me!! thnx.

    • Hey, yes you just put all the items into your cart and pay. They will send the items to the gmarket headquarters which will pack your items into a box and send it all to you at once.

  9. I wanna order from GMarket so much. Wanna get myself a Pig-Rabbit! Hehe, but I’m so lost when I wanna get some Etude House stuff. For example, this: Do you have any idea how I select the colour that I want as there’s no drop-down menu? Sometimes it makes me think that I should just stick with eBay but it’s usually more expensive…

    • Hey! πŸ™‚ It is actually pretty easy to understand. The title says PK007 that means its the pale pink. So if you want another colour, look for the title that says PK009 or something. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much! I am blind. I seriously never noticed that it was in the title. Think it got lost amongst all the Korean characters.

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