Posted by: pexxy | September 7, 2009

Another Gmarket Haul!

This time I didn’t just get myself skin products. Check it out!

DSCN0828Bunch of Etude House Stuff, Gdragon’s Heartbreaker, a SHINee BBcream – Heard good stuff about this one, plus, I love the SHINee boys ;). I got an etude house fan (Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho – I prefered when it was Go Ara), and a white pouch as freebies.

DSCN0828Clearer look at the Etude House – Got myself another Glow Base Sunguard, cause I used up my old tube, Peach Bijou Spray (I use this crazy liberally), 2 Pore Packs and 1 Pore Gommage.

I love the Pore Packs, they are seriously crazy strong, but aren’t as sticky on the skin as Biore ones are.

And GLORIOUSLY! BOOTS! Shoe sizings are a little hard to comprehend on Gmarket, but I think I’ve got it down pat. Just measure the sole of your feet in MM, and convert it accordingly. So 250mm would be size 250. But sizings run a little small in Korea , so get one or two sizes larger, like getting 255 for 250, etc. I bought for size 235 twice, and realized that although my feet measure around 232mm, I have to wear size 245. Yes… overestimate your size, folks!

DSCN0828Their gorgeous huh! Pretty good quality too! Easy and good to walk in although their rather high. I bought them at around 20 bucks, which is a pittance, but it’s cause I used a discount coupon that came when I added Gmarket as a Facebook friend – 8000w. DO IT!



Oh oh, and I bought another bag for myself. Just today. Gosh, I suck at resisting temptation!!! But, it’s like, 10 bucks. 10 freaking dollars is so freaking .. cheap. No, I didn’t get the LV designs.

I also got the new, lovely COLLAGEN series from Etude House, Gmarket, and the Peach Choux body wash.

Oh, and I’ve seen pictures of the Collagen Moistfull cream pact thingo around, and the packaging is just gorgeous. There’s a mirror sheen on the surface of the pact. Anyway, I’m so excited!


  1. hello! 🙂
    came across your website, and i saw the boots! omg i love it. can you give me the link to the boots?

    I’m def sharing ur website to my friend, who is a huge etude lover too 🙂 but the thing is she buys them in SG, which is so overpriced!! i showed her the gmarket version for etude house and she went crazy browsing :p


    • Hello! The boots are here. There’s a variety but the pair I got is in it as well. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing my website! I started buying etude house even before it came to SG, SG is so terribly overpriced! But I do like to check out items from their stores. 🙂

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for the link for the boots! I’m feeling an even stronger urge to buy them now.. Even the flat boots look so hawt! temptation :c

    Hahaha yes my friend loves to go etude and buy tons back. she told me she went to JB the other day and there was a 50% off for selected items! She literally went mad while I just told her to get me one milk tea cleanser back. LOL.

    Update more!! Would love to see what you bought from Gmarket again. Hahaha 😀

    • haha, no problem! I will be updating soon, just ordered another bunch of stuff from gmkt.

      JB’s etude house is definitely cheaper than SG’s one, but maybe SG’s one will start having sales

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