Posted by: pexxy | September 3, 2009

Liz Lisa Pouch

This isn’t exactly beauty related, but wow, this pouch is gorgeous! I’m not ever going to get to buy from Liz Lisa, because I’m bloody poor not in Japan and can’t ship from there.

So anyway, I traipsed to Kinokuniya today and got my grubby hands on the Liz Lisa Mook, with the Pouch as a freebie. I also cannot WAITTTTT for the Non-no with the Tsumori Chisato bag. : D

Pictures of the pouch!
Externally, it looks like a lacy, fluffy snowball with a huge peach ribbon that is very satiny. The inner lining is made with the same peach satin. It’s really adorable and quite well made, and also rather roomy!

Pictures of the Mook…


I love these coats! Their so classy and babydoll. Lena’s one looks especially lady like and sweet.

I love their understated Lolita Style. It isn’t OTT… It’s like Liz Lisa takes alot of themes and fashions and adapts it in a classy style.

Don’t forget the engrish. EVER. Is this suits on me?

A half hearted makeup tutorial on the Liz Lisa Look…It’s a very himegyaru -always seen on purikara look-. If you are Japanese, you don’t need this tutorial and probably know how to do this look in 5 minutes while also blow drying your hair and having breakfast.


I think this is a special makeup brush set on promotion, with the most LOVELY BAG EVER. Gosh, I wish I could have it… 😦


I have some stuff from Etude House, on the way here! 😛

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