Posted by: pexxy | August 12, 2009

More hauls and shizz

The new Christian Siriano Kajal Eye Liner by VS looks AMAZING. I want. But it’s too expensive to haul from the USA so I kind of gave up before I tried. Ha. That’s me, the give-upper.

Anyway I know I post like sporadic spasms, but that’s cause I only post when I buy stuff! And I haven’t been buying stuff for AGES.

OK, check it out folks!

Moistfull set was on promotion on Gmarket- Toner + Lotion + Essence+Massage Mask = 30krw, around 33? SGD. I’ve read so many amazing reviews on the little jar of jelly, so I jumped on this promotion set even thought the full retail price of the set normally, would only be 1000krw more. So it’s not that great a promotion, but it looked REALLY tempting because of the juxtaposition with the Singaporean Prices of Etude House (SPEH for short) which are jacked to cost an arm, a leg and your lunch for the day. At 35SGD(or about there) for a jar of moistfull essence, I can get the entire set.
Anyways, I’ve been using this for a days or so, I love the toner! It’s very silky, not drying, but I kind of hate shaking it out of the glass bottle. Was debating pulling out the rubber stopper, but that would cause EVERYTHING to flow out (cause I have uncontrollable shake strength).

Honestly, I wont be able to evaluate individually, cause I’m using it as a set. Suffice to say, my face is uber smooth and dewy. Not that my pores have shrunk though. Pores don’t shrink. That’s the rule of the world. Sad, sad world.

Something else I got was the Happy Teatime Milk Team cleansing cream. My “happy teatime” has a horizontal slash on it. It’s like a freaking SCARRRR. What now, unhappy teatime? 😦 Oh, sadness reigns. Anyway it smells very milky, but not tea-ish. The face foam smells much more like milk tea. And I am the absolute expert on milk tea. I drink it like water. I love milk tea as much as you love cosmetics. But it removes makeup efficiently! AND, it doesn’t sting the eyes. That’s important. And very bad grammar. Oh well.

The main ingredient is Mineral Oil though, so if you abhor mineral oil, skip this. It’s bloody cheap at 5SGD.
Check out the adorable cap! It feels like real porcelain/clay. I love the sound it makes against the pot. Gosh. I am weird.

This is the free “Beauty Box” which is a bunch of carboard boxes put together to form a storage of sorts. I do like it, but I’m lazy to make it. Comes with the Moistfull Set, and also, they have Whitening Sets and Aqua Sherbet sets that give this away.

Also got Lancome Blanc Expert Nuit Sample Sizes from gmarket, but they cost a fraction of the original size, and I’m a … cheap person. Anyway, I bought this once in HK, and it helped me to fade scars and acheive an even skintone! I was rather surprised by the real fast effect it had. So I got more! πŸ˜›

Finally a L’occitane gift set that I bought because I had a 5 dollar voucher and I can’t resist silly deals that are meant to tempt with their supposed worthiness. Truthiness? I only like the solid perfume.

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