Posted by: pexxy | May 1, 2009


I collected my shills stuff!

Came with a free Privacy eyeshadow. Real pretty aqua green blue with dimension. šŸ˜€

I played with the foam esthe pack a little on my hand. It feels all tingly and fun! Can’t wait to use it tonight.

Thoughts on Close to you : Pretty good! 4/5. It has rather good coverage, evens out the skin tone (and the colour is REALLY suited to my asian skin tone. Doesn’t look too pale.) and covers most of the smaller pores. And the good thing is that it feels really light, unlike BB creams which are heavy. Looks very natural on me, doesnt even look like I’m wearing foundation. Haven’t tried the test of time though. Some foundations wear off by the end of the day, so I gotta try this out!
The downside is that it seems EXACTLY the same as the electric eye concealer. =.= How silly. The textutre of the concealer is drier and it is a shade lighter although they look the same in the pot.
The pot is also very minute. 3g! Good loard, my etude house BB balm is like 25g. Oh well, at least its handy to bring around.



  1. hi,

    i am 1 of Shills fan. May I know how did you purchase Shills products? directly from their site?
    normally i will buy from some middlemen website but the stocks always sold out very fast and the price will be higher. lately i am looking for 1 of its products, the Blue Herbal Toner. Can you let me know how I can buy it and give me some advise? Thanks.

    • Eh, I buy shills from payeasy sprees, there’s one going on now in spreehouse! šŸ™‚

  2. payeasy sprees in spreehouse? where is it? do you have the URL?

    Am based in Malaysia. Thanks so much. šŸ˜€

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