Posted by: pexxy | April 21, 2009

Oh lawdy me got me some etude house

Was trying to reach the 30k won for the promotional freebie of an adorable jewelry box … didn’t care much for Lee Minho, but it’s still a nice file to have! It’s hard to hit 30k with Etude House. One eyeshadow palette can easily get me to 30SGD, but somehow, etude house has so many things at such cheap prices.
Bought 3 face washes, one for my sister. Each wash is huge and costs only 3000W, so thats like 3SGD. Freaking cheap. I opened the peach one and it smelt heavenly, haven’t tried it yet though.

Running out of sunscreen so I bought the glow base + sunscreen in one. It’s 7500W, another dirt cheap item. Sunscreens in singapore at SPF 35+ will cost at least 15SGD. Tried it out, it’s a light pink with pearl effects cream, doesn’t feel too oily and powdery. Looks like we have a WINNAR.

Oh, and got a dark circle cream for 12500W, once again, DIRT CHEAP. Haven’t tried it yet though… there’s a silicon stick that comes with it to massage the cream in. Interesting…the stick has a rubbery feel and doesn’t seem like it will spread cream well. Will see about it.

They gave more freebies than expected. The jewelry box, the Lee MinHo file, and a “Can’t stop smiling” Keychain AND a small nail emery board with Park Shin Hye on it. Korean skincare is so friggin generous!

Right. So I am still on a makeup ban, and these are SKINCARE. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi Zenith,

    Are u based in SG? I’d love to get some products from Etude House and plus the file!! πŸ™‚ sorry.. LMH fan here..

    Don’t mind letting me know how you managed to order if you’re based in SG??

    Many thanks!!

    • Hi babe! Yes I am in SG.
      I get most of my etude house items directly from korea, but there are a few blogshops here and there that sell them. Not sure about the freebies though.

  2. Oh! U have lobang from Korea directly! Shucks.. thanks anyways!! πŸ™‚ Think the blogshops not able to get the freebies… oh well…

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