Posted by: pexxy | April 8, 2009

Shills, Taiwan

So, I have been quite addicted to browsing the Shills cosmetic site lately.
They don’t only have base makeup, though. (Like BBCreams, Primers, foundations etc etc.) They have another line, called Dot.Dot, which rips off benefit blushers 😀
Haha, the whole thing is rather funny. Their base makeup packaging is soooo Benefit, and sometimes Kiehls.
Their Miss Perfect Pore hide is so similar to Dr Feelgood!

I bought the Close to you,
and the electric eye concealer which looks pretty good. The whole of the shills line looks good, except for the fact that most of their before and after pictures are SO TERRIBLY photoshopped!
Korean beauty pictures definitely come across as more genuine than this, man.
Also got their Foam Esthe Pack; which is similar to Lioele’s oxygen mask I think. It’s just a gel spread over the face that froths after a while, supposedly pushing out the impurities trapped in the skin. So fun!

Lastly I bought the Hyarulonic acid L Absorbic mask, which is to be shaken until it turns from a liquid to a solid jelly form.

OK, I admit, their products are SO GIMMICKY! But with everything for SGD 10 and under (not including shipping from taiwan) it really doesn’t hurt to try. And its highly raved in taiwan too 🙂

Reviews might come when I get the products (I’ll be free after this school term ends!)



  1. Hi,

    R u selling those shills products? If yes, pls let me know.

    And if no, can u please give me the webside as i am the big fan of shills.. Pls pls pls

    Thankssss :))

    • No, don’t sell them, I bought them from a payeasy spree.

  2. Hi,

    Are u there? Can u please reply my msg? to

    I’m waiting… thanks

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