Posted by: pexxy | April 1, 2009

Just because – VOV showcase

Because I have been wonderfully, enormously busy can can no longer afford to keep up 3 blogs at once, YES, I do have three blogs and a shit load on my plate, including university…
I doubt I will be posting anymore reviews, pictures

But I may still feature stuff I love and drudged up from Korean Blogs! : VOV Showcase featuring Nam Gyuri (of seeya), really looks girl and circusy… LEMMINGS : Same, just more swatches.

The star of the collection is definitely the Ball on Cheek, and it’s for a mere 8100W(depending on seller) which is like USD6! Like HALF of Etude House when it jumped on the Meteorites Pearls Bandwagon. 😀 Oh happiness…you shall be mine.

The eyeshadow looks wonderfully pigmented, there is also a bunch of lip-sticks, literally sticks of crayony things, and the Eye-Pot Stick which looks rather efficient (to smudge creases with the black and brighten with the pink).

That’s it for today! I realize I prefer streams of consciousness than to adding pictures, taking them, editing them…Sorry, but life is just too demanding for me.



  1. ooh those look pretty
    i will have to check em out when i am in seoul

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