Posted by: pexxy | December 18, 2008

Soap and Glory

And other UK stuff.

I’m in the UK now. Its cold, but that’s not the only thing I can say about it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOTS. The drugstore. Its not easy living in Singapore with stinking promotions that are always at 20%. Well, having a hell lotta 3 for 2 promotions makes shopping an absolute delight.

Which takes me to this post! Other than buying the delicious gift bags (also on, I got supereyes, supereyes, and the fabulous scrub.

I bought the Soap and Glory Clean of England Baby.

Not too good a deal because each product is near 10 quid each, so that means the bag is free…but bags are almost always free haaha. But the bag is rather gorgeous (though too minute for me).
Haven’t tried the clean of england, but that’s fantabulously witty. Even more quirks are on the bottle (Like “This product was tested in the UK by a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels”). LOVE the wit in S&G.
The Lemon, Flowers & Orange big butter is really chock full of good stuff. You can feel the awesomeness soak right into the skin. The two main ingredients are sweet lemon oil and cocoa butter, but the rest of the ingredients are premium grade. Love this stuff, and I didn’t have to spend an arm and leg to moisturize one (their motto! so witty). Love the fragrance as well. Very fresh, like a field of flowers. (Cue scene from movie)

Hmm, another good gift bag is probably the grab bag. Looks cute, like a mini luggage, and has WAY more items than the Clean of England. All mini sized though, but a good way to try out new items.
The greatest scrub is really pretty great. It has minute, terribly minute particles, but I really feel the smoooooottthhhh skin after cleaning my face. Seems rather mild, because of the little nano particles, but you can really feel the scrubitty scrub of satisfaction! This is love.

Supereye, supereyes isn’t that great. What a disappointment. The second ingredient is alcohol and I feel so DUMB for not looking at the ingredient list before buying it. Too much faith in S&G. 😦 Alcohol! On the delicate eye area! That’s just looking for dryness and death all in one. Not a good thing.
Disappointment, S&G.

But the rest of the products are funness and awesomeness so do give S&G a try!


  1. woow that looks good
    too bad its not sold here in japan

    the isbn is 978-4-7778-0615-7

  2. Just discovered your blog. Very nice 🙂

    I live in Denmark, but I love going to London to shop. So much fun.

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