Posted by: pexxy | November 10, 2008

Etude House BB Magic Balm and Pore Erasing Peach Base

The announcement of a new holy grail OMFG.
It’s Etude House’s BB Magic Balm. I can only find good things to say about it.
1. The coverage is glorious. I don’t even need a base, and all my pores (humongous ones, mind you) vanish. I do need a powder to set this balm. Most red spots disappear. Some dark spots do remain, but are much milder.
2. It’s a balm but it isn’t even as thick as some BB creams I have used. Amazingly easy to apply and spread. They provided a brush, but I use my fingers to apply it. Fingermarks are gone when I use loose powder on top.
3. The colour is a light yellow beige that matches perfectly with my skin tone.
4. It’s 15000 won. That is, around 16 SGD. Affordable.
5. My skin is poreless even after a full day of school!
6. SPF 30! I don’t even need to apply sunscreen now. 😛 (I still do…)
Seriously, ditch the BB cream. Get this. It’s your true one step base routine in the morning. Granted, oil control isn’t amazing, by my nose is one oil rig.

The Pore Erasing Peach Base isn’t as great as the BB balm, but still nice nonetheless. It doesn’t erase my pores, lol. Only slightly evens them out. That in itself is evidence of how brilliant the BB balm is, that it wins the pore erasin’ smackdown when versus a specialty base!
The smell is…addictive. Peachy sweet.
It’s a good base that evens out skin texture, but won’t work on red spots and such. Maybe that’s because I’m using the peach tone one. Green bases should work better on red veins and stuff. And it’s affordable for such a large tub.



  1. Hello, can I know where you got the Etude House stuffs? Your reviews got me all tempted, but they are not available in sg!

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