Posted by: pexxy | October 23, 2008

VOV Castledew Shirring Cheeks

So, I got this from gmarket after browsing it constantly during lectures that put me to sleep.
Oh, apparently Yahoo SG teamed up with Gmarket and we now have a singaporean gmarket! I wonder if sellers will do the same thing and send to headquarters for the gmarket staff to ship out. Also if there would be major retailers like the korean one has. I doubt we can reach the same level of efficiency, although I’m pretty sure the englishness of it all will be a great boon to shoppers (as compared to tearing your hair out while at gmarket.)

Buying from gmarket is always cheaper from random shops around Singapore who stock it. Mostly small family stores around have little delights that you can swatch, and rush off to order online. Whoops.

Anyway, the shirring cheeks which I got in…”Lovely Pink Virus”. Lovely pink I’d understand, but virus? Maybe it’s so bewitching that people fall for it like the flu bug.

Very princessy, delicate casing. There’s a pink metallic sheen that the camera can’t quite catch. Anyway, fingerprints galore! I really do love the case.

The colour is a lovely pinky-peach, and is HIGHLY pigmented. Oh god. Sweeping my blush brush across it twice is way too much. And it is fully loaded with shimmers. I’m not too much of a shimmery person as I don’t go out much at night and I don’t want to be seen like a disco ball on campus. So I swipe my cheek to remove the shimmer.
But otherwise, all is good and right with the world.

My lovely pinky virusy!


  1. Isn’t it a beautiful blush? I have and love this as well.

  2. Yes I love it! Packaging and all. 😀

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