Posted by: pexxy | October 15, 2008

VAMPS X Shiseido

VAMPS is a Hyde X Kaz project, since Hyde of L’arc~en~ciel (a music band) went on hiatus.
So, their on tour, a released some limited edition items with Shiseido.

OLD NEWS, but here we go

Which are clearly releases of Majolica Majorca items. The colours in the palettes are exactly the same as certain ones I have and perhaps the only variation is the design of the package.
Not to mention the hiked prices which are nearly twice as much as original retail. The only real limited edition items should be the eyeshadow and “gross” palettes. Hee Hee.
Still, even if anyone is a Major Majolica Majorca Maniac (HOMG alliteration) OR a major Hyde maniac (and I am both), there’s gotta be some BURN buying these insane babies.

Official site/store here :
And you could have ordered it here :
At USD40 for one Rouge, I can get 4 off adambeauty.

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