Posted by: pexxy | February 26, 2010

Super crazy gmarket beauty haul

After abstaining from gmarket for a while, I had a list of things to get that popped up. I needed a new face serum, a pair of boots, some moisturizers. So of course I went to gmarket to look for good bargains. I decided to get quite some BRTC stuff because I know they have good reviews and they are one of the more “expensive” brands in Korea.

So, the BRTC stuff :
Bought from ONE seller, I got a serum and a promotion pack (moisturizer, toner, wash).

This one was bought from another seller, who was offering one for one. Obviously, you don’t see any one for one, so I was disappointed, but they gave a few freebies. I bought the Aqua Rush and Caviar Cream, and another serum. Freebies were the Medi Stem Collagen Line set (3 of them) and 6 face masks. The freebies aren’t THAT bad, but I really expected the 1 for 1.

Gel looks pretty huh? 😛

Stuff from tonymoly11 : I decided to try out the tomato and apple masks, the sakura face wash and the sleeping pack. I got some face masks as freebies and a lip tint. This is my first time trying tonymoly, and I must say, I LOVE the sakura face wash. It’s like burying my face in a pile of sakuras. While the bodyshop sakura line doesn’t have the real scent of sakuras, this one really does.

Of course I had to haul from my absolute favourite, etude house! They had a valentine’s day promotion going on, where I bought a liner, mascara and shadow and got a whole bunch of stuff free. I essentially only bought the perfume (minime) and 3 eye products. Everything else was GWPs. I may do a mini review on the Code B mascara and the proof 10 auto pencil.

Bestseller 5 set : Petit Bijou wash, cream, a mini BB cream (too cute!) a mini VIP lipstick in VVIP, and a collagen face cream. The bestseller GWP is still on, so hurry up and buy it!Inside the box : my three products, collagen toner+moisturizer, VIP girl promo set.
VIP promo set is the Lipstick in VVIP, peach syrup gloss and a lip primer.

Oooo The perfume I bought is too cute. The face is 3D by the way. The smell is of vanilla and coconuts, and it’s 100ml. Really worth it for a scent that is very long lasting. It’s reminiscent of Harajuku Lovers… and makes me wanna get the full series.

Miscalleanous stuff :
I also bought a bunch of Misc stuff… my life isn’t about face care. LOL!
Boots with leg warmer type things. Recently sprained my ankle so I can’t use high heels for a while, so I got this. I love them, super comfy!
LOL 2AM and Gift by Park Hyo Shin.

Side note : Did you guys watch Vancouver Olympics? Kim Yuna got gold, as expected! Awesome. They actually sell her makeup on gmarket : , I bet LG cosmetics must be getting a whole lot of demand now. I watched her and she’s elfen almost, really graceful.

Posted by: pexxy | October 18, 2009

Gmarket Screw Up

Note to all finding this page through google :

This issue has been resolved. Gmarket has refunded me within 14 days and yours should be refunded too. Please stop asking me what should you do, you should consult your bank and not me. Thanks.

Yo Folks.

I was ordering at Gmarket as usual, and guess what!? After I entered my debit card details and pressed the ENTER button, I was directed to a page which said one of the items was out of stock, do I want to go back to cart?
(Seriously, what are the chances that my item goes OOS just when I click ORDER.)

Alright, so I suck it up and reenter all my details again. And my debit card was refused. Simple, because I have. no. more. money left. So off I went to check out my ibanking details, and over 300 bucks was in LIMBO! Gmarket had already deducted the money! Soooo, I got damn freaked out and checked my gaccount details. Order – NONE TODAY. Cancel/Refunds – None.

OMG. PANIC. And not to mention, its 1.30 AM here and not a Gmarket Employees awake time. Anyway I am pretty freaked now. Will update you guys on the customer service, and what happens! If, they just don’t refund me, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. 300+ dollars for items for my friends, I’m gonna have to refund everyone of them (because I’m never gonna order from gmkt again if it is so unethical) and I’m gonna have ta suck it up. Or call my bank and make them take the money back. Oh my gawd, fucked.

Update : They refunded me and everything was fine… I emailed them to ask about it and it was just a systematic error or something.

Posted by: pexxy | September 20, 2009

VOV – Platina Purplism


New release by VOV called Platina Purplism …
It’s like a further add on to their castledew series. Anyway, the releases are mainly 2 smokey eyeshadow palettes (grey tone, brown tone color shot eyes), and a few metallic pearl eye singles, two colour shot lips and 2 oversetting gloss and finally, the super gorgeous diacut eye palette!

Honestly, I quite like the glosses and the lippies. Salmony pink, my favourite! Right now, I think I’ll just get the eye palettes. I’m not a very lip person, because my lips are pigmented and I am TOO lazy to do the lip concealer thingy step! 😀

Posted by: pexxy | September 12, 2009

Small Purchase from Gmarket – Etude House

As I mentioned in my last post, I made a small purchase of the latest Etude House Collagen Series (Its the absolute latest), and also the Peach Choux, and the white bag from Gmarket. Oh gosh, etude house is SUCH AN ADDICTION.

As seen here!

DSCN0841The collagen moistfull pact is a foundation – creme that comes with an extra sponge, and a small sample of collagen moistfull moisturizer.

It’s quite a thick and heavy case, with a creme inside another “pact”, which can be sealed with the cover. Otherwise, it would dry out. The sponge rests on top of the top lid. The mirror in the pact is rather huge and clear. I like! Haven’t started using this, so I can’t exactly review on it now. 


The cover of the pact – with flash, shows the opalescene of the little shell shape. It has a different colour at every angle!
The CF for the new Etude House release. Lee Min Ho looks amusing with his hair like that.

DSCN0841I got two of these blushes, one for a friend. It’s like NARS Orgasm, a peach blush with gold shimmers. It isnt very pigmented though…

One Special Kit and one Trial Kit of the Collagen Moistfull was given.
Special Kit – Facial Freshener (I’m guessing its the toner) 15ml, Emulsion (Moisturizer) 15ml, Cream (Hydration and lift) – 5ml.
Trial kit – Freshener and Emulsion, both 5ml. Cream, 1ml.

And my white bag with gold hardware! It isn’t soft as I thought it would be, but what do you expect of 10 dollars? I love the gold hardware, it goes well with the white faux leather, but I’m afraid the colour will wear out soon.

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Another Gmarket Haul!

This time I didn’t just get myself skin products. Check it out!

DSCN0828Bunch of Etude House Stuff, Gdragon’s Heartbreaker, a SHINee BBcream – Heard good stuff about this one, plus, I love the SHINee boys ;). I got an etude house fan (Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho – I prefered when it was Go Ara), and a white pouch as freebies.

DSCN0828Clearer look at the Etude House – Got myself another Glow Base Sunguard, cause I used up my old tube, Peach Bijou Spray (I use this crazy liberally), 2 Pore Packs and 1 Pore Gommage.

I love the Pore Packs, they are seriously crazy strong, but aren’t as sticky on the skin as Biore ones are.

And GLORIOUSLY! BOOTS! Shoe sizings are a little hard to comprehend on Gmarket, but I think I’ve got it down pat. Just measure the sole of your feet in MM, and convert it accordingly. So 250mm would be size 250. But sizings run a little small in Korea , so get one or two sizes larger, like getting 255 for 250, etc. I bought for size 235 twice, and realized that although my feet measure around 232mm, I have to wear size 245. Yes… overestimate your size, folks!

DSCN0828Their gorgeous huh! Pretty good quality too! Easy and good to walk in although their rather high. I bought them at around 20 bucks, which is a pittance, but it’s cause I used a discount coupon that came when I added Gmarket as a Facebook friend – 8000w. DO IT!



Oh oh, and I bought another bag for myself. Just today. Gosh, I suck at resisting temptation!!! But, it’s like, 10 bucks. 10 freaking dollars is so freaking .. cheap. No, I didn’t get the LV designs.

I also got the new, lovely COLLAGEN series from Etude House, Gmarket, and the Peach Choux body wash.

Oh, and I’ve seen pictures of the Collagen Moistfull cream pact thingo around, and the packaging is just gorgeous. There’s a mirror sheen on the surface of the pact. Anyway, I’m so excited!

Posted by: pexxy | September 3, 2009

Liz Lisa Pouch

This isn’t exactly beauty related, but wow, this pouch is gorgeous! I’m not ever going to get to buy from Liz Lisa, because I’m bloody poor not in Japan and can’t ship from there.

So anyway, I traipsed to Kinokuniya today and got my grubby hands on the Liz Lisa Mook, with the Pouch as a freebie. I also cannot WAITTTTT for the Non-no with the Tsumori Chisato bag. : D

Pictures of the pouch!
Externally, it looks like a lacy, fluffy snowball with a huge peach ribbon that is very satiny. The inner lining is made with the same peach satin. It’s really adorable and quite well made, and also rather roomy!

Pictures of the Mook…


I love these coats! Their so classy and babydoll. Lena’s one looks especially lady like and sweet.

I love their understated Lolita Style. It isn’t OTT… It’s like Liz Lisa takes alot of themes and fashions and adapts it in a classy style.

Don’t forget the engrish. EVER. Is this suits on me?

A half hearted makeup tutorial on the Liz Lisa Look…It’s a very himegyaru -always seen on purikara look-. If you are Japanese, you don’t need this tutorial and probably know how to do this look in 5 minutes while also blow drying your hair and having breakfast.


I think this is a special makeup brush set on promotion, with the most LOVELY BAG EVER. Gosh, I wish I could have it… 😦


I have some stuff from Etude House, on the way here! 😛

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More hauls and shizz

The new Christian Siriano Kajal Eye Liner by VS looks AMAZING. I want. But it’s too expensive to haul from the USA so I kind of gave up before I tried. Ha. That’s me, the give-upper.

Anyway I know I post like sporadic spasms, but that’s cause I only post when I buy stuff! And I haven’t been buying stuff for AGES.

OK, check it out folks!

Moistfull set was on promotion on Gmarket- Toner + Lotion + Essence+Massage Mask = 30krw, around 33? SGD. I’ve read so many amazing reviews on the little jar of jelly, so I jumped on this promotion set even thought the full retail price of the set normally, would only be 1000krw more. So it’s not that great a promotion, but it looked REALLY tempting because of the juxtaposition with the Singaporean Prices of Etude House (SPEH for short) which are jacked to cost an arm, a leg and your lunch for the day. At 35SGD(or about there) for a jar of moistfull essence, I can get the entire set.
Anyways, I’ve been using this for a days or so, I love the toner! It’s very silky, not drying, but I kind of hate shaking it out of the glass bottle. Was debating pulling out the rubber stopper, but that would cause EVERYTHING to flow out (cause I have uncontrollable shake strength).

Honestly, I wont be able to evaluate individually, cause I’m using it as a set. Suffice to say, my face is uber smooth and dewy. Not that my pores have shrunk though. Pores don’t shrink. That’s the rule of the world. Sad, sad world.

Something else I got was the Happy Teatime Milk Team cleansing cream. My “happy teatime” has a horizontal slash on it. It’s like a freaking SCARRRR. What now, unhappy teatime? 😦 Oh, sadness reigns. Anyway it smells very milky, but not tea-ish. The face foam smells much more like milk tea. And I am the absolute expert on milk tea. I drink it like water. I love milk tea as much as you love cosmetics. But it removes makeup efficiently! AND, it doesn’t sting the eyes. That’s important. And very bad grammar. Oh well.

The main ingredient is Mineral Oil though, so if you abhor mineral oil, skip this. It’s bloody cheap at 5SGD.
Check out the adorable cap! It feels like real porcelain/clay. I love the sound it makes against the pot. Gosh. I am weird.

This is the free “Beauty Box” which is a bunch of carboard boxes put together to form a storage of sorts. I do like it, but I’m lazy to make it. Comes with the Moistfull Set, and also, they have Whitening Sets and Aqua Sherbet sets that give this away.

Also got Lancome Blanc Expert Nuit Sample Sizes from gmarket, but they cost a fraction of the original size, and I’m a … cheap person. Anyway, I bought this once in HK, and it helped me to fade scars and acheive an even skintone! I was rather surprised by the real fast effect it had. So I got more! 😛

Finally a L’occitane gift set that I bought because I had a 5 dollar voucher and I can’t resist silly deals that are meant to tempt with their supposed worthiness. Truthiness? I only like the solid perfume.

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I collected my shills stuff!

Came with a free Privacy eyeshadow. Real pretty aqua green blue with dimension. 😀

I played with the foam esthe pack a little on my hand. It feels all tingly and fun! Can’t wait to use it tonight.

Thoughts on Close to you : Pretty good! 4/5. It has rather good coverage, evens out the skin tone (and the colour is REALLY suited to my asian skin tone. Doesn’t look too pale.) and covers most of the smaller pores. And the good thing is that it feels really light, unlike BB creams which are heavy. Looks very natural on me, doesnt even look like I’m wearing foundation. Haven’t tried the test of time though. Some foundations wear off by the end of the day, so I gotta try this out!
The downside is that it seems EXACTLY the same as the electric eye concealer. =.= How silly. The textutre of the concealer is drier and it is a shade lighter although they look the same in the pot.
The pot is also very minute. 3g! Good loard, my etude house BB balm is like 25g. Oh well, at least its handy to bring around.

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Me so tired

Just a pictures update. ^^ Collecting my shills stuff tomorrow!

Skin care I’ve been using. All from gmarket! Love the glow base sun guard, its just a highlighter and sun protection in one, and I use it all over my face to look like a bling ball, but after I use bbcream it just gives a glow.
The dark circle eye cream STICK actually goes on smoothly 🙂 I love it.
Stuff from VOV Showcase, its KIND-OF a new line, but they came up with another one with Shinae as the spokesperson, it’s called no more complex or something and looks nice and scientific. VOV Showcase is more of a girly line. (And there has been a heck load of mud slinging among the Seeya girls. I am NOT on Gyuri’s side, man she seems like a total bitch. Maybe VOV will OFF herrr).

I’m SO tired nowadays. Currently interning at a government law department kinda, and my working hours are 8.30-7. I get home by 8 and spend a bit of time online till 11, and its off to a nights sleep. I HAVE NO LIFE. OMG. It’s worse than being a law student.

Oops, ranting a little. Anyway will post pictures (and maybe short comments) on the shills stuff soon!

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Oh lawdy me got me some etude house

Was trying to reach the 30k won for the promotional freebie of an adorable jewelry box … didn’t care much for Lee Minho, but it’s still a nice file to have! It’s hard to hit 30k with Etude House. One eyeshadow palette can easily get me to 30SGD, but somehow, etude house has so many things at such cheap prices.
Bought 3 face washes, one for my sister. Each wash is huge and costs only 3000W, so thats like 3SGD. Freaking cheap. I opened the peach one and it smelt heavenly, haven’t tried it yet though.

Running out of sunscreen so I bought the glow base + sunscreen in one. It’s 7500W, another dirt cheap item. Sunscreens in singapore at SPF 35+ will cost at least 15SGD. Tried it out, it’s a light pink with pearl effects cream, doesn’t feel too oily and powdery. Looks like we have a WINNAR.

Oh, and got a dark circle cream for 12500W, once again, DIRT CHEAP. Haven’t tried it yet though… there’s a silicon stick that comes with it to massage the cream in. Interesting…the stick has a rubbery feel and doesn’t seem like it will spread cream well. Will see about it.

They gave more freebies than expected. The jewelry box, the Lee MinHo file, and a “Can’t stop smiling” Keychain AND a small nail emery board with Park Shin Hye on it. Korean skincare is so friggin generous!

Right. So I am still on a makeup ban, and these are SKINCARE. 🙂

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